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As developments in new technology continue in production, the pressure for businesses to keep up with the times increases, leading to more and more companies incorporating artificial intelligence into their models. Because of this new access to intelligence, we’ve started to watch neural networking and machine learning make it possible for machines to understand complex patterns, content that should continually be used, and some things that are only limiting business production. This new form of technology is quickly being introduced to the logistics industry and its bringing along big impacts!

We see neural networking in handwriting recognizers, picking up in consistencies of writing patterns to better differentiate letters and words. For logistics, this means one can run millions of evolutions of a particular simulation, which results in educating the computer on all of what works and what might not. This is revolutionary, as before machine learning, someone would be required to reprogram everything thousands of times just to figure out all of the patterns, only to then search for the positive trends and information so the model can be modified.

A few real world examples of machine learning outside of the metal forming industry can be seen commonly in businesses looking to track customer satisfaction and reactions to market trends. When it comes to retail, machine learning guides companies and tailors our experience by displaying advertisements aligned with our interests and other online recommendations.

We also see this a lot in networking and social media platforms like Facebook, for instance, where machine learning technology has been refined to recognize faces in pictures to the point where they recommend who the person in the photo might be. Other prime examples are Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Netflix recommendations, and Amazon’s Alexa.

It’s astonishing how much advertising has changed because of machine learning and neural networking. To think there was a time where we weren’t recommended who to follow on Instagram based on the people already in our network might seem ridiculous, but calculated and systematic advertising is all very new, aiding in the production of new logistical methods for an abundance of companies. With this new approach, the future is looking brighter each day, filled with recommendations that are alas informed and applicable.