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More often than not, people think of artificial intelligence and machines as objects to replace humans. With this sort of mindset, these tools get a bad reputation, even though they have the potential to have a very positive influence. I myself am a big fan of the incorporation of machinery, automation, and artificial intelligence into the workplace, especially when it comes to some of the things needed in my career.

I’ll tell you why: by using these tools, we allow for humans to do more specialized jobs, tasks that are less mundane and formulaic. Especially in my industry, machinery plays such a big part in our process because there are things that humans simply can’t do as productively, as repetitive tasks performed by a human over the course of a shift can be extremely exhausting, both physically and mentally. Safety is always an issue and concern in any manufacturing environment, and utilizing robot technology to take over these hazardous jobs just makes sense. 

Maybe it seems less productive to have machines doing jobs that humans could do because it leaves people out of jobs, but by allowing machines to take on the tasks humans physically cannot complete as quickly, education starts to become even more important to workers. Instead of workers settling for doing tasks machines can do, they can have the opportunity to learn more refined skills and contribute a unique approach to their work, which is very effective in the workplace.

When people have more specialized tasks catered to what they are capable of, their presence feels more necessary in that space, and as a result, they will feel more important because the reality of the situation is that no one else can do what they are doing in the way they do it. This makes the work machines can do that much more important, as good company morale and collaborative efforts can become byproducts of put-to-work skilled labor, which can completely change a working experience in the most positive of ways.

The technology we see around us is vastly expanding and changing before our eyes each day. It can be a little overwhelming and intimidating to see so much progress made on things that can replace what some people do, especially in such a short period of time, but think about it: how many times have you been in a job and thought to yourself, “I could be doing so much more than what they’re putting me to use for?”

Not one person is ever like the other. Everyone has their own unique skills to contribute, so we might as well be able to put them to good use for a more enjoyable time and supportive workspace.