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Kenneth J. Papucci

Chief Financial Officer of Bethlehem Industries, Inc.

Kenneth J Papucci is an owner and CFO of Bethlehem Industries, Inc. Since 1946, Bethlehem Industries, Inc. has been a leader in the metal forming industry as a result of exceptional performance. Together Kenneth and his team constantly strive to improve their business processes. They believe this continuous improvement is the key to achieving our daily goal of 100% customer delight.

Kenneth J Papucci received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, College of Business. After working for Coleman, Epstein, Berlin & company as a Certified Public Accountant, Kenneth J Papucci decided to change his career path and go into business with his family. Kenneth’s father had been working for Bethlehem Industries, Inc. since 1971 and in 1997 decided to purchase the company from the original owner. From that point on, Kenneth made it his mission to continue the success that Bethlehem Industries, Inc. had seen for over 2 decades.

Apart from his career with Bethlehem Industries, Inc., Kenneth J Papucci is equally interested in automation. Unlike other manufacturers, Kenneth J Papucci looks at automation and robotics as a positive influence in the industry. By introducing automation, it allows employees to move away from the repetitive tasks, and move on to more impactful positions within the company. Being able to listen directly to the machines via integrated networking provides the data for continuous improvements.

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