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Every entrepreneur aims for the opportunity to expand their business and scale up. Even though a business’ success is what leads to an opportunity for growth, if this period of expansion isn’t properly handled, it can spell trouble for a small business.

The same methods used for starting a business won’t always work when trying to expand one’s business. Entrepreneurs interested in moving their companies forward should keep the following tips in mind:

Be Selective

Time will always be a limited resource. When expanding one’s business, it’s important to be selective with what one pours their time into. Entrepreneurs need to be aggressively selective when deciding what requires their immediate focus. When entrepreneurs try to do everything at once without zeroing in on a few key things, they’ll find that the results are less than effective.

Move Quickly and Take Risks

Entrepreneurs should be careful when scaling their business, but should still take risks. While small business owners should exercise wisdom when making decisions, this is the time to take risks. By moving quickly and efficiently, small business owners are paving the way to building a better brand.

Invest In People

Entrepreneurs should never scale their company at the cost of their team. By investing in people first, small businesses owners will ensure that they are creating a stable environment for sustainable growth in the future. That way, as the company continues to grow, so will the team.

Grow Organically

Every business wants to expand and grow as fast as possible. However, this growth needs to be organic. As a business grows, so should its revenue. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t invest in the expensive trappings of “scalable businesses” if they don’t have the measurable improvement and income to back it up.

Sort Out Your Strategy for Capital

In addition to matching the growth of one’s business to their growth in revenue, small business owners need a solid strategy for capital before they begin expanding. While a business’ revenue may be enough to facilitate their growth, it’s important that there are other plans in place for finding capital for scaling.

Many companies that are growing fast find that they need to hire employees or buy new equipment ahead of revenue that is coming in. In order to financially ready themselves, these businesses secure growth capital, either from a bank, venture capitalist, angel investor, or another similar source of capital.

Growth never comes easily in the business world. Entrepreneurs looking to scale their companies should keep this guide in mind.