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While America has long been the frontrunner in most technological enterprises, it might not be that way for long. China’s aggressive form of hybrid capitalism is revolutionizing their tech sectors, and they’re proceeding at such a pace that they could be the dominant technological power in the coming generation. One area where China is showing a particular amount of promise is in artificial intelligence, and they’ve demonstrated an ability to create a forward-thinking and aggressive approach to this emerging technology.

The engine propelling China’s AI revolution comes in the form of their New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, a system that creates targeted best practices for entire industries and helps implement AI that’s tailored to unique test cases. The targeted approach to which China is applying their artificial intelligence advances combined with the comparative brevity other innovation cycles puts them in a strong position to lap their global peers in a short period of time. The result is a wealth of cross-functional A.I. solutions that can be reconfigured and applied across a wide variety of different sectors and industries.

The proof is in the numbers. 85% of Chinese businesses are making moves to adopt artificial intelligence or are already leading pilot initiatives. That puts them a long stride ahead of the United States, where that number sits just at 51%. And as you might expect given that high statistic, China is employing this AI in a sweeping variety of different industries. A recent study broke up the major sectors employing AI into six distinct categories. While most countries see substantive AI investment in one or two of these sectors, China is the only country that sees adoption over 80% in all six. From energy to healthcare to the media, China is making sure that AI platforms have a role in practically every layer of their society.

If other countries are worried, they should be. But China can also serve as an example of how to develop AI more effectively. While America is seeing high levels of AI research inside the start-up community, other businesses are slow to pick up the technology. Similarly, countries like Germany managed to be leaders in past technological revolutions by focusing on R&D and taking a conservative approach to development. If these countries could learn anything, it’s that incentives and direct government funding are the best methodologies to spur AI growth. While other countries languish, the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan is paying dividends for China.